Come Fly With Me


My son has fallen asleep and yet I sit here still watching. I could be watching anything. I could be doing anything. Yet here I sit. Flying with Hiccup.

I know it is fiction. I know it is animated, but part of me wishes that I could grace the heavens on the wings of my own pet dragon accompanied only by a harmonic set of wind instruments and the actual whistling of the wind. At peace. Full of grace.

Life is busy. Loud. Frantic. Tiring. Sometimes frustrating. Sometimes monotonous. Sometimes amazing.

So I’m going to enjoy this montage. I’m going to let the air fill my proverbial sails and skim through the air with grace. I’m going to take that fictional fresh breath and let it rejuvenate my soul.

I’d say I would let the wind whip through my hair, but I can only take this meditation so far.

Sometimes it takes a fictional flight to help keep you grounded.

Soon I will metaphorically, and literally, turn the channel in life and on the television. But for a few minutes, I’m simply going to spread my wings and enjoy the flight.

Come fly with me.

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