They Grow So Fast

Captain’s Log. Daddy Chronicles.  Diaper Date 1751.  A week ago Captain and Mrs. Captain held a garage sale.  We sold some stuff. Donated some stuff to Goodwill, and still have some stuff. 
It was harder than the Captain thought it would be.  For more reasons than you think. 
The obvious challenge is setting up the sale.  Posting to Craigslist, buying signs, putting out all the stuff, taking in all the stuff that didn’t sell. All these things were difficult.  But watching people dig through the stuff was difficult.
The Captain has no problem selling, or batering; he was raised in the flea market.  My flea market skills are not to be questioned. 
The Captain did underestimate the nostalgia of selling. 
The Eldest is almost 5, so we had a ton of clothes to sell. Clothes.  But, in the hot sun they were more than clothes.  The first swimsuit she wore.  A favorite dress she had.  The rainbow pants that she loved.  The outfit she wore the first time we stayed in a hotel (she dragged her stuffed dog that sang “Bingo”, which seemed to scream down the halls and echo on the wall as we walked to our room at 11 at night. I’m sure people hated us.).  The shoes she couldn’t wait to fit in.  And the list goes on. 
Have you ever seen the commercial with the little girl playing in her daddy’s car and she transitions into a young woman driving for the first time? A transition that takes less than 30 seconds.  Seems like the last four and a half years have flown that quickly. 
The garage sale was an eye opener.  My same little girl who would laugh at the wind, dance to Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder, and pronounce apple sauce as “a$$” (don’t ask, we still don’t know how) is now playing with the neighbors, dancing to Beiber (gosh that was hard to type) and picks her own clothes out. She’s growing up. 
I wish it was simple enough to keep her stuff and she would stay this age forever, but alas that is not the nature of things. 
How many of you have sold or passed on your kids’ stuff. I know it is not feasible to keep everything, so what do you keep?
For now, Captain out.


P.S. The Captain joined in on the Blog Hop at You Know It Happens In Your House Too’s blog page.  Check it out!

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4 thoughts on “They Grow So Fast”

  1. I had a very hard time at first with my boys clothes. The first time I gave them to a family I knew. They were in need and it was easier parting with them knowing they were going to help out a friend. It was a little startling seeing their son in my son’s clothes. Over time, this process has gotten a lot easier and now I find I’m happy to lose clutter. My biggest issue know is figuring out which items to save for my younger son and then pulling them back out at the right time.

  2. It seems like yesterday Liv was swimming in her newborn clothes, and now almost all of the 12 months ones are packed away. It’s surreal. Thanks for sharing this. I can really relate!


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