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Captain’s Log. Diaper Date 1765. Daddy Chronicles.  Earlier this week, I had the pleasure of joining Tom and Art of Life of Dad for the Life of Dad podcast.  It was a fun time.  One of the topics we discussed was the Disney Princess franchise.  This reminded me of a conversation I had with my niece, a new high school graduate AND super smart, about the psychology behind your favorite Disney movie.  She said, in way more elegant and intelligent words, that your favorite Disney movie says a lot about your personality and psyche, and stuff. And in my case she was dead on.  My favorite Disney movie is Peter Pan.  The Captain never wants to grow up.  The Captain can be responsible, but hopes to keep the heart of a child for life.  Captain’s grandfather had it – literally until the day he died. Captain’s parents have it – especially mom (who has named herself the Moc Admiral- meaning she pulled rank on the Captain). And the Captain’s older sister…bigger kid than he is.
Adults can get too wrapped up in being adults sometimes. Not to say that adults should shirk their responsibilities, but sometimes we need to stop and smell the roses. Sometimes we need to look for the pirate ships in the clouds. Sometimes we need to sword fight (had to get that in). Sometimes we need to tell stories and listen to stories. The minute we stop doing these things we have started taking ourselves too seriously.
The Captain orders you to let that kid in you out to play. Go chase fireflies, pirates, and mermaids. But don’t forget to do your homework.
So, the Captain wants to know: What’s your favorite Disney Movie? Sound off in the comments!
For now…Captain out.
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4 thoughts on “Never Grow Up”

  1. The Little Mermaid…wonder what that says about me! LOL

    Another awesome post. 🙂 I might now always comment, but I always read, it’s a highlight of my day when I get them.

  2. My little girl’s favorite is The Little Mermaid which I definitely think means she is a dreamer and a lover which fits her to a tee!! She doesn’t conform to what others say is “normal.” I love the thought process your niece has!!


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