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Captain’s Log. Daddy Chronicles.  Diaper Date 1773.
For fun one day, The Captain put on P90X in an effort to wear out The Eldest.  It didn’t work. She liked it.  And before you start hating on the Captain, no I did not make her do any of the moves.  She just liked playing with the bands, pushup bars, and ab wheel.  She does a pretty good pushup.
Well, the days passed and she forgot about working out.  Then one day she saw one of the workout bands.  “Daddy.  Can we workout tonight?” What is the Captain supposed to say? So for about 5-10 minutes each night before bed we workout.  And I like it.  Does she do any moves correctly? Mostly no and that’s okay.  It is a way to spend time and be active with my daughter.  I will take it.  One day, hopefully, we will take part in actual workouts.  In the meantime, I enjoy the giggles, fake grunts, and the hundreds of “breaks” for water.
Do you have a workout routine with your kids? Shout out a response below in the comments.
For now…Captain Out.
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