Still Daddy

Captain’s Log. Daddy Chronicles.  Diaper Date 1628.  It was a good weekend.  A long weekend.  The production the Captain is codirectinf opens this week – which means that this past Saturday was the traditional 9-5 rehearsal.  8 hours with middle schoolers. On a weekend. It was fun. The kids were great and it was a productive day.  The hard part is not seeing tour own kids. 
Mrs. Captain gets a badge of honor for wrangling the diaper dweller and the eldest while the Captain was directing.  It’s not babysitting when they are your own kids, but that doesn’t make the day any shorter. 
The fun part was that we went to a surprise “Bon Voyage” party for the daughter of our Day Care family (A.k.a. The Magic House family, or the Magicians, or the Amazings, or the Fantastic Four…I could go on and it would understated how cool this family is, how good they are with our kids, and how lucky we are to be able to send our kids there). 
We don’t eat out much, so any trip to a restaurant is an adventure.  The kids were great and the party was awesome (the eldest snuck a second piece of cake while the diaper dweller loved the bread and spoons).  I did have that weird feeling like I was looking into my future though – What am I going to do when the eldest is old enough to take a job and…leave?  I’m not ready.  There’s too much to do.
That night the eldest wanted to snuggles with me before bed – I rarely get that request.  And the Captain may have fallen asleep first and been snoring, but it warmed my heart.  Then again last night the eldest curled up on my lap before bed and fell asleep – she never does this.  Those two moments made the weekend (oh and the part where the diaper dweller tried to “help” me do the dishes and nearly catapulted himself into the dishwasher).
It’s just nice to have those reminders that they still love daddy (which at this moment means that I am being pummeled by elbows and feet because she doesn’t want to get up). 
Captain Out.

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