The Captain Cooks

Captain’s Log. Daddy Chronicles. Diaper Date 1622. The Captain has taken over the galley…or kitchen as normal folk call it. 
Last night an experimentation occured and today either there will be tummy lunch and supper – or a colossal waste to clean. The Captain is cooking roast.  So far it smells good, but we will give you the final verdict later.  Now the backstory behind this is that the Captain’s mother-in-law, Betty Crocker (a well deserved nickname given long ago by a good friend), makes roast. Not just any roast.  The best roast.  The Captain is not trying to attain that unattainable level.  Just trying to get a level above edible.
The Captain is not much of a cook.  A gourmet chef in the microwave and handy on the grilled, the Captain is too handy in other spots in the kitchen other than doing the dishes. 
We will update you later.  It will either be feast or famine…


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