The Captain Gets An Award

The Captain Received An Award! 

Captain’s Log.  Daddy Chronicles.  Diaper Date 1644ish. 

I recently received a Facebook Post from an awesome Mommy Blogger You Know It Happens At Your House Too alerting me that she had awarded me the Sunshine Award.  The Captain blushed.  He is humbled, happy, and honored.  Unbeknownst to You Know It Happens At Your House Too, The Captain began singing “You are My Sunshine” spontaneously and nearly on key.  Seriously, thank you.  Let’s face it.  The Captain is proud of his 130+ likes on his Facebook page, but is in awe of You Know It Happens At Your House Too’s nearly 3K.  Then again there might not be that much room on the poop deck.  Lol. 



At any rate, the Captain understands that there is a protocol for this type of award and he intends to honor it.  Here are the rules:


1. Include the award’s logo in a post or on your blog.  (Affirmative)

2.  Answer 10 questions about yourself. (Oh, no.  Affirmative.)

3.  Nominate 10 other bloggers. (On it.)

4.  Link your nominees to the post and comment on their blogs, letting them know that they have been nominated.  (Indeed.)

5.  Share the Love and link back to the person who nominated you (Absolutely.)

 The Captain might have to substitute some of these questions…but he will try. 


1.  What is your favorite color?  I am a big fan of Royal Blue.  It brings out the brown of my eyes (nervous shrug).  Honorable mentions go to Kelly Green, Burgandy, and Brown. 


2.  What is your favorite animal?  The Komodo Dragon.  Don’t ask me why.  I am terrified of them.  It’s not like I could have one as a pet, but I find them completely fascinating.  The baddest predator on the planet.  They are fast, drool, and kill you with bacteria.  Not exactly the kind of animal you take home to mama, but the closest thing to Godzilla I can find. 








3.  Favorite Non-Alcoholic Drink?  Root Beer.  I.B.C., Mug, A&W…anything except Barq’s. 


4.  What is your favorite number?  31.  One of my favorite baseball players, Steve Olin, wore #31.  He died in a boating accident (along with another Indians pitcher, Tim Crews) when I was a senior in high school.  I caught a souvenir ball from him the season before.  I wrote his number under the lid of my hat with an arrow aimed towards home plate (like he did) for the next few years when I played. 


5.  Facebook or Twitter?  Mad love for Facebook, but I probably use Twitter more.  Tweet the Captain at @acjlist. 




6.  What is your passion?  My family.  I also love my job as a teacher. 



7.  What is your favorite pattern?  I think I may be deviating from expectations here…

4 8 15 16 23 42


Sorry, I don’t have a favorite knitting pattern or clothing pattern.


8.  Favorite day of the week?  Sunday.  It is peaceful, quiet, and a good family day. 


9.  Favorite Flower?  My allergies are pretty bad.  Not a big fan of flowers.  Mrs. Captain likes them.  I am a baseball coach so I guess I should go with the sunflower because I like the seeds. 


10.  Give or Get Presents?  I am a firm believer that you receive by giving.  I have gotten a lot of “stuff” in my years as a teacher.  The best gifts I have gotten – a heartfelt thank you – not so much because I felt I deserved it.  Instead it proved to me that at least with that individual I made a difference.  Truly the best gift you can get. 


My Nominations:  This is difficult to do because I am new and I have already met a ton of awesome people.  I could do a whole post on this, but I will limit it because the island rules demand it.



  1. All For My Boy  This is a stay at home dad with a good blog.  Nice guy.  He is also a new blogger.  Stop by his page and show him some love. 
  2. Fodder 4 Fathers  This is an entertaining blog and Facebook fan page.  He has even started the first ever blogging tournament judged by three Mommy Bloggers.  Genius.
  3. The Dude of the House
  4. Whatsupyournose
  5. Catharsis – A fellow educator who is funny, witty, and pretty smart.  Thoughts from both the perspective of a parent and an educator.  Check her out.
  6. A Daddy Blog  Big time blogger.  Epic tweeter.  Check out the blog and follow him on the Twitter.  Usually has some pretty thought provoking tweets.
  7. Inspire To Thrive Great blog with lots of good tips about blogging, writing, and interacting in the social media maze.  Lisa is awesome.  Check her out. 
  8. A Blogger and a Father
  9. How to Be A Dad Humorous, and at times self deprecating, this was one of the first Daddy Blogs I read. 
  10. Life of Dad  Last, but not least.  The Captain is proud to announce that he is joining a team.  The Captain’s Log will soon be linked to the Life of Dad site.  It is a pretty cool site with some really cool dads (not sure how the Captain managed to sneak in…lol).  This is a pretty cool social media site for dads (and moms) to interact.  Check it out and be sure to check out the Charity section. 


I could easily add another 10 sites.  Check out the Captain’s Log Fan Page and click on my “Likes”  – there are a number of quality blogs to choose from.

And don’t forget to give us a vote on Babble for the Top 50 Daddy Blogs

I would like to thank You Know it Happens at Your House Too for giving me this honor.  This was fun.  Thank you for sharing me! 


Captain out…

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  1. Next time would you include a…VLOG of you singing “You Are My Sunshine” for our entertainment? Thanks! Also, isn’t it amazing what a heartfelt thank you can do–especially when you are a teacher?! I feel like I would always get one JUST when I needed it most! Your students are lucky to have you!


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