Be Your Own Gold Medalist


Captain’s Log. Daddy Chronicles.  Diaper Date 1727.  I mentioned in my recent Life of Dad post that I was issuing a challenge.  There are 36 Olympic Sports.(Click on the “Sports” dropbox to see them)  I want to see how many of the 36 the Poop Deck Community (that’s my name for you guys.  Crappy name I know.  PUN ALERT!) can participate in before the end of the Olympics.  The Captain will be trying his hand at some as well.

Here are the rules: it’s simple.  Get out and move.  Exercise.  Compete.  Don’t compete.  By all means don’t hurt yourself, but find a way to challenge yourself.  If you can shoot a pic or video of you accomplishing your task please post it on the Captain’s Facebook Wall.

If you want to record/post a time, distance, or score great!  If you want to simply say, “I did it!” then please do!  This is about being your own champion.  No one else’s score matters.  I hope to raise kids that want to be their best – not a cheap replication of someone else.  Sometimes we lose sight of that and this Olympic season is a good time to chase the gold.  Our Gold.  So be your own Gold Medalist and post some results on my page. 

The Captain is cheering for you.  Go get it done! 

Captain Out. 

Faster than his own shadow when he is running into the sun.


7 thoughts on “Be Your Own Gold Medalist”

  1. Hey, Captain….you know I love this idea, however, I would urge Dads to go for 34 of the 36 events. I’m thinking your warning of “Don’t hurt yourself” might become a stark reality if the Fencing & Shooting competitions remain in your Olympic Challenge.


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