Captain Idol?

Captain’s Log. Diaper Date 1836.  Daddy Chronicles.
The Captain would like to announce that he is entering a competition.  That’s right! The Captain is auditioning for Blogger Idol, and he needs your help.  If you enjoy The Captain’s Log…Tales from the Poop Deck, let the good people of Blogger Idol know. You can email them at [email protected], subject line “Give Us The Captain”.
I am competing not only for a snazzy tablet, but for the honor and glory of the Poop Deck.  Plus, I am originally from Cleveland and I would like to claim a championship in honor of my hometown.  Thanks for reading and I would appreciate your support. 
The Captain is nothing without you, the members of the Poop Deck Community.  Otherwise, I am simply typing into a vaccum of silence where I imagine an audience filled with Tim Tebow, Chuck Norris, and Mickey Mouse.  Please make my virtual existence worthwhile and nominate me for the competition. Thanks again for reading. 
Captain Out.
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