Football and Castles

Captain’s Log. Diaper Date 1831. Daddy Chronicles.  In a futile attempt to watch football on Sundays, The Captain is attempting to slowly ingrain the sport into the children’s daily activities.  Some call it brainwashing Mrs. Captain agrees, but The Captain considers it enrichment.  So today, he sat down with The Eldest and had her pick today’s winners. 
“Daddy, can you help me build a castle after you are done with the grocery list?”
“Sure, sweetie.  Want to help daddy? This is a special grocery list.”
She picked…
Panthers over Giants (she got this wrong.  She should have watched it with The Captain on Thursday!)
Bears over Rams
Browns over Bills (She is my daughter!)
Cowboys over Bucs
Lions over Titans
Jaguars over Colts
Dolphins over Jets
Vikings over 49ers
Chiefs over Saints
Bengals over Redskins
Cardinals over Eagles
Broncos over Texans
Raiders over Steelers
Ravens over Patriots
Seahawks over Packers
Falcons over Chargers

The Captain is having a little challenge on his Facebook page. Think you can pick em better than The Eldest? Prove it.  Join The Poop Deck Community League. 
Also, if you are on The Twitter, follow The Captain @acjlist. 
For now, Captain out…


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