Worst Halloween Ever

Captain’s Log.  Daddy Chronicles.  Diaper date 1876.  Last night was Halloween- the occasion for dressing in costume and collecting candy.  The Eldest dressed as Jesse (of Toy Story fame) while The Diaper Dweller found himself wrapped in a Buzz Lightyear costume. 
The highlight of the night? Coming home.  The Captain was disappointed in the neighborhood’s participation in this time honored tradition.  The first five houses beyond our street (with lights on) had nobody home.  The kids knocked to no avail.  The Eldest was disappointed.  And cold. And tired. 
The Captain does not advocate violence or vandalism, but he does remember a time where such acts of blatant child neglect would result in the adornment of egg on the house. 
Yet we all journeyed on.  We knocked for about an hour.  As it turned out, more people came to our neighborhood than neighbors passed out candy.  The Eldest may have had more fun passing out candy than she did collecting it. 
To all the people with lights on and nobody home- You owe the Captain a deductible for a chiropractic bill.  There’s no heavier burden than a cowgirl with hardly any candy in her bucket.  Good thing we had some at home:)
For now…Captain out. 

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