The Beginning…Sort of

The Captain has hit some rough water this week but will return soon.  Many have wondered how the log began.  Originally, the Captain’s Log was a series of goofy Facebook Status updates about experiences parenting.  Here are a couple for you to enjoy…

Captain’s Log. Daddy Chronicles. The children are now working in conjunction with the quadrapeds. My crew is doomed. Joining in the puking parade are the cats (who was the original leader) and the dog. A vile bunch of scallywags are they. The summer days are long and arduous, yet quite enjoyable. The girl is enjoying recounting her day of horror when she discovered the deceased bird in our yard. Now she says with a smile, “His eyes were watching me daddy, and I cried like (bloodcurdling scream that I am sure the neighbors hear) WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAA (breath) AAAAAAAAA. Because he was dead.” And scene.
Welcome to daddyhood, pops.

Captain’s Log. Daddy Chronicles. My introduction to the baby sling has been quick. The boy is heavy and cranky. In the sling he is silent. This is advantageous to accomplishing tasks on the HoneyDo list. However, I feel a lot like Ahhrnald in whatever movie he was pregnant in. I find myself randomly rubbing my tummy and swaying my hips. I was able to cook popcorn with the boy slung on me. My newfound maternal instinct kept me from getting to boy too close to the stove. The biggest thing is that my house is quiet for the first time all weekend. Now if I could find a way to sleep in this thing. There might be something to this sling thing…

For now…Captain Out.

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