Manning Up for Memorial Day

Before I do anything else, I would like to thank those in uniform who protect our freedoms everyday. These brave men and women are amazing, real life superheroes. Thank you. And in the true spirit of Memorial Day, I would also like to offer thoughts, prayers, and thanks to the families of those who died while serving our country. We owe you more than we could possibly offer.
On a lighter, yet still serious note, I am writing today’s blog for a cause. Way back in February I pledged to write a blog post dedicated to Testicular Cancer Awareness.
Many of us parents dread the day that we have to have “the talk” with our kids. The truth is that when it comes to our bodies, it probably takes more than “a talk”. The truth is that we have to teach our children how to take care of their bodies. The truth is we have to be willing to talk about these things even if it is uncomfortable for us. Or them. The truth is that a few moments of discomfort could prevent a bigger challenge down the road.
So if you have a son, be sure to have this talk with him.
Not sure what to say? Here is some information provided by the Testicular Cancer Foundation:

It’s Man UP Monday!

I’m proud to be a member of the Team Single Jingles Man UP Monday PARENT BLOGGING TEAM!
Today, I’m doing my part to spread an important message about Testicular Cancer.

Did you know that Testicular Cancer is the #1 cancer in young men ages 15 to 35?
Did you know that Testicular Cancer is highly survivable if detected early?
Did you know that young men should be doing a monthly self-exam?

What can you do?
Stop by the Testicular Cancer Foundation website for more information on Testicular Cancer
Request a FREE shower card with self-exam instructions – it just might save a young man in your life!

And if you’re feeling just a little AWKWARD about this conversation, check out this video from some parents who feel the exact same way!

For now…Captain Out!

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  1. My brother-in-law had testicular cancer. He found it early and is fine now. In some ways I’m happy we have him as an example when it is time to have the talk with M.


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