How to Nap a Child

Captain’s Log. Daddy Chronicles. Diaper Date 2123. Every now and then parents witness a rarity. I have rocked both of my kids asleep many times and witness their descent into nap-time. However, you usually do not get to see the children submit to the Sandman on their own. And when you do, it is a hilarious site.
I submit to you now, the first Poop Deck Community video. I gave it a short title- “The Diaper Dweller Watching Nemo While Playing With His Sister’s Toys and Gets Knocked Out By The SandMan While His Mom and I Watch.”
If you turn up the volume, the sound Dory makes as he falls over is hilarious. We couldn’t have staged it better.
Update: Apparently, WordPress won’t let me upload the video…SO you will have to visit my Facebook page to watch. And while you are there…give me a like:).
For now…Captain out!

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