Have You Ever Wondered…About Shoes

Here is my Monday Musing…. Have you ever wondered why people hang shoes from the power lines in their neighborhood? Well, I do. Over the weekend, Mrs. Captain and I had the opportunity to go on a date for our anniversary.  While out, we noticed shoes hanging from a power line. I’ve seen this many … Read more

The Captain…A PFC Ambassador

The Captain has been compensated for this post by the good people at MilkPEP.  As a proud member of the Milk family, I am working specifically with The National Milk Mustache “got milk?” and the Protein Fight Club Campaigns.  Though I have been paid for this writing, it is my full intention to provide you … Read more

The Modern Captain – My Sitcom Moment

Captain’s Log. Daddy Chronicles. Diaper Date Unimportant. Today, I lived a scene from a sitcom. Except there was no script, no actors, no audience to witness my ingenuity and buffoonery. Just me, my daughter, our bike, and my nemesis – the Ice Cream Man. The Ice Cream Man (hereafter known as ICM) is my nemesis. … Read more