The Captain…A PFC Ambassador

The Captain has been compensated for this post by the good people at MilkPEP.  As a proud member of the Milk family, I am working specifically with The National Milk Mustache “got milk?” and the Protein Fight Club Campaigns.  Though I have been paid for this writing, it is my full intention to provide you with information and (attempts) at humor that you are accustomed to here at Tales From The Poop Deck. 

You’ve heard the rules about Fight Club (you know, you don’t talk about Fight Club?), but the PFC (Protein Fight Club) is different.  The Captain is proud to be a PFC Ambassador.  And one of my jobs?  To talk about PFC.

What is Milk fighting for?  Well, it is pretty simple – Milk wants to be a part of your morning breakfast routine.  In order to win this honor, Milk is stacking its 8 grams of high quality protein against some formidable breakfast options.  Consider it like a breakfast battle royal of supremacy. 

Ding, ding, ding! In this corner, weighing in at a svelte eight ounces, packing eight grams of high quality protein and nine essential vitamins, hailing from Udder Valley, Cow Country – MILK!

Want to see some of the contenders that Milk has already taken on?  Check out the PFC YouTube Channel and see the Tale of the Tape as Milk takes on the likes of: the Breakfast Burrito, Orange Juice, an Omelet, Breakfast Sausage, Everything Bagel, and Eggs Benedict. 

Milk Mustache also has a pretty strong tag team partner in this breakfast battle royal.  The WWE, specifically Stephanie McMahon and Triple H, actually helped to unveil and launch the PFC campaign.

Why would they come onboard?  Because not all protein is created equally. 

Milk’s high quality protein provides more protein than an egg.  It is a natural source of high quality protein which can help build muscle.  It is also a source of calcium, vitamin D, and B vitamins – which can help strengthen bones and provide energy. 

One of the ways you can optimize the ay your body uses protein is to spread your consumption of it throughout the day – and breakfast is a good time to start.  Why not start your day with an eight ounce glass of Milk? Or splash those eight ounces in your bowl of cereal. 

Breakfast is an important first step in the Captain’s household.  And part of the daily routine is Milk.  The protein powers our mornings and gives us a great start to the day.  And when my day includes teaching over 150 middle school students – I need the power of protein to get me started. 

So do you want to join The Captain?  Take the pledge.  Start your morning with Milk!  Spread the word by posting the PFC Pledge Card (as seen below). 

Also, be sure to check out ProteinFightClub for more details about the promotion where every minute someone wins a free gallon of milk.  AND…each week one lucky winner wins free milk for a year.  Epic. 

Stay tuned for the next several weeks, as I perform my duty as PFC Ambassador and bring you more information about Milk and this promotion. 

Bottom line?  Milk wins and it can help you win your day too! 

For now…Captain out!

PFC Pledge Graphic

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