Have You Ever Wondered…About Shoes

imageHere is my Monday Musing….

Have you ever wondered why people hang shoes from the power lines in their neighborhood? Well, I do.

Over the weekend, Mrs. Captain and I had the opportunity to go on a date for our anniversary.  While out, we noticed shoes hanging from a power line.

I’ve seen this many times before, but never knew why.  So, I did what any good American does- I went to the Internet.

What did I find?

No definitive answer.  I saw that the possible reasons include the identification of crack houses, a memorial of sorts for neighborhood friends that died, identification of gang areas, and simply a game to play with shoes.  There has to be a better answer. Do you know?

If you have a better answer, leave it on my Facebook page, or tweet me (@ acjlist).  That’s a wrap for Monday.  Have a great day!

Captain out…


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