8 Reasons to Drink Milk? 8 Oz. of Protein!

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The Captain has been compensated for this post by the good people at MilkPEP.  As a proud member of the Milk family, I am working specifically with The National Milk Mustache “got milk?” and the Protein Fight Club Campaigns.  Though I have been paid for this writing, it is my full intention to provide you with information and (attempts) at humor that you are accustomed to here at Tales From The Poop Deck.

 Welcome to Round 2 of the Protein Fight Club!  In case you missed it, Milk dropped the hammer in the breakfast table battle royal.  Wait…you did miss it?  Here is the video footage as Milk takes on some familiar powerhouses: the Breakfast Burrito, Orange Juice, an Omelet, Breakfast Sausage, Everything Bagel, and Eggs Benedict.

What good is a promotion without some sort of giveaway?  Well, aside from the 8 oz. of protein and 9 essential vitamins in your single serving of Milk, Milk is giving away…Milk.  That’s right, every minute someone wins a free gallon of milk.  And once a week, a winner gets free milk for a YEAR – check the website out for details.

  I know that the temptation is there to buy your own cow to have this delicious source of protein on tap every day.  But why buy the cow when you can get the Milk for free?  Check out the website, enter the contest and try to get yourself some free Milk. 

In Round 1, The Captain challenged you to take a pledge to drink Milk every morning with your breakfast.  Did you do it?  Did you share it? 

As a teacher, a lot like a wrestler, I have a lot of bells to answer.  My first bell rings at 4:45 AM. – my wake-up call.  And my day often doesn’t end until well after 10 PM.  So my breakfast needs to be something that will give me a boost and enough power to start off my day. What better way than with a protein packed glass of Milk with my breakfast?

What’s your routine?  How do you stay sharp in the morning?  How do you in your day?   I would love to hear it.  Share how you use Milk in your morning routine on my Facebook wall.  Do you drink it?  Splash it?  How do you include the 9 essential vitamins and 8 grams of high quality protein?   

And remember, the first rule of PFC (Protein Fight Club) is that you TALK about PFC.  Go spread the word.  Better yet, share a glass of Milk and view the videos with a friend.  If you haven’t taken the pledge yet…do that too.  Start this morning with a delicious glass of Milk. 

Curious for more information about Milk?  Check out any of the links below.  Be sure to “Like” Milk on Facebook and follow them on Twitter and Instagram. 

That’s it for now…Captain Out. 


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