The One Resolution I’m Making

Captain’s Log. Daddy Chronicles. Diaper Date 2302. It is the Eve of the New Year. I’m not one for making resolutions because they usually don’t stick. There was the year that I was going to do 100+ push-ups every day. That ended with tendinitis in March. The year I was going to give up pop. … Read more

Show’n Some Love

Poop Deck Community, I’m trying to start a new weekly post that includes some links outside of my blog. These links may include pieces I have written elsewhere or things I’ve read that I would like to share. This week includes both. I have a new post on regarding my displeasure with my football … Read more

A Non Hollywood Christmas

Captain’s Log. Diaper Date 2298. Father Christmas Chronicles. There is a common misconception regarding Christmas and children and the “order” of the day. There are a plethora of movies that show the mother and father slumbering peacefully, only to be awoken by two (or more) of the most delightful young cherubs as they gently rouse … Read more

My Personal Christmas Tradition

There are two movies that I watch every Christmas, and yes they are a bit clichéd – It’s a Wonderful Life and Scrooge (the Albert Finney version and also the Muppet Christmas Carol). There is something magical and rejuvenating about these films. While they are both (all three) “Christmas” movies, Christmas is really the backdrop … Read more

Santa and My Cousin Ralph

Captain’s Log. Daddy Chronicles. Diaper Date 2287. The Captain doesn’t weigh in much on controversial topics because it just isn’t his bag. However, he is going to meander into one. Briefly. Comically. In defense of Santa Claus. The Captain believes in Santa. Not to say that you have to, truthfully, someone has got to receive … Read more