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I am a newly minted Soccer Dad. My daughter just finished her first season of soccer, and I think it is a safe assumption that there will be many more seasons to come. I watched my daughter go from a tentative player who wasn’t sure what to do to an assertive kid who thoroughly enjoyed her time on the field AND on the bench with her teammates.

My soccer playing experience was not great – I might still be the only student to be cut from the freshman team in the history of my high school. Yet, there is a lot that I still love about the game. I have spent many a hour playing hacky sack and juggling a soccer ball. I’m not so good at dribbling, but I still love to run and kick it with my kids.

There is something freeing about running through an open space and working with a team. While soccer is competitive, I also find it to be one of the best sports as far as sportsmanship is concerned. It’s not about winning or losing (they didn’t even keep score at my daughter’s games), it’s about the spirit of the game.

There are a number of reasons to love the game. And now the makers of (some of my favorite snacks) OREO, RITZ, Trident, Honey Maid and Sour Patch Kids are launching a movement to Pass the Love of soccer. They have teamed up with U.S. Soccer to #PasstheLove around the country.

What’s Pass the Love? The Pass the Love program includes a coast-to-coast grassroots tour including stops at key U.S. Soccer matches and local soccer tournaments.

Are you a soccer enthusiast? Here’s what you can do to #PassTheLove.

Share what you love about soccer using the simple hashtag #PassTheLove in exchange for the chance to win a “Game of Your Life” soccer experience that captures the excitement of a major competition, or other instant win giveaways.

Just for sharing your passion, you could also win cash prizes and an autographed jersey.

To participate, first log on to and follow the onscreen instructions to register and play the Instant Win Game

After you play the Instant Win Game, follow the links and instructions to submit one (1) photo and one (1) essay (not to exceed 140 (140) characters) that describes what you love about soccer.

The photo may be uploaded on the Website, from Facebook, Flickr, Instagram or your computer desktop, or you can submit the photo directly through Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #PassTheLove

If any individuals other than yourself appear in the photo, or are mentioned in the essay, you must have permission to use their name/image in the Submission.

You can also enter to win a “Game of Your Life” experience. Simply logon to the Pass the Love website and play the Instant Win Game. To become eligible to win, fans are encouraged to submit one picture and one essay (no more than 140 characters) sharing what they love about soccer using the hashtag #PassTheLove.

So what do you love about soccer? Here’s your opportunity to #PassTheLove and win some great prizes.

It is my pleasure to work with the Pass the Love program. I have been compensated by Mondelēz International for this post, but my words and thoughts are my own.


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