The Seasonal Stay at Home Dad

Captain’s Log. Diaper Date 2458. Daddy Chronicles.

So far, I think that I am winning summer. In less than a week, we have: gone to a baseball game, seen fireworks, made s’mores, camped outside, grilled multiple times, played in the pool, played in the rain, played video games, written journals, read books, seen an advanced screening of a How to Train Your Dragon 2, started the new Indy Dads Group, gone to gymnastics, started swim class, and just overall had fun.

I call myself a “Seasonal Stay at Home Dad” because, well, I am seasonal. I am a teacher by trade and father by nature- or something like that. I cherish my SAHD time and enjoy the fun stuff we get to do. Sometimes it’s simple. Sometimes it is complicated. Sometimes there are tears. Sometimes there is laughter. No matter what, it is all worth it.

I learn a lot during this time. My son has told me that he can’t fly because he doesn’t have wings. He has also told me that he only wants to “go to Infinity and BEYOND!” I’m not sure if there is an “ouchie” streak record, but I think my daughter has set it- a bruise on either eye and an award worthy one on the inside of her arm where she pinched her skin on the swing at the park. Despite the tears and the pain, my young budding artist has found a way to persevere and enjoy the sunshine and fun of each day.

I have found myself smiling and enjoying the quiet moments. The times when they sit next to each other and talk the way only siblings can. Even the times when they fight and cry at each other and then hug and make up afterward.

It’s these days, these moments, that get me through the dark months in the winter. I love teaching and working with other people’s kids, don’t get me wrong, but I would be lying if I didn’t admit that I missed my own. And somehow, despite the fact that I have picked up the dinosaurs for third time today, or been pestered for ice cream, or separated grumpy children that refuse to rest or take a nap- all those “inconveniences” are worth it for the wealth of time that I get to play dragons, or help design the latest doll fashion, or help splash water, or simply walk down the street. The “Seasonal” SAHD life is hectic, but has more than its share of privileges.

Gotta head out. Adventure awaits! For now…Captain Out.

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