We Like to Play

Summer time means playtime around these parts, and thanks to our friends at Hasbro we have had plenty with which to play!

The first item is fun in the tub or the water table. The Sesame Street Elmo Bath Adventure Steamboat is unique in that it comes with a “Captain Elmo” and a steamboat, but the steamboat can be separated into four different pieces- meaning this one toy can actually become five. My son has had a whale of a time squirting water and creating adventures for Captain Elmo to complete.

The second item is one that my daughter is partial to: Twilight Sparkle – My Little Pony Rainbow Rocks Equestrian Doll . The girl is a big fan of My Little Pony. What she likes about this figure is that when you give Twilight a high five she sings. That’s right, you can jam with Twilight Sparkle! Twilight has accompanied us on a number of car rides – fortunately she hasn’t gone rockstar on me and trashed my backseat.

The third item is the one that the kids share the most. Recently, both kids have taken more interest in superheroes. We have lots of action figures, but recently we have acquired some superhero role playing gear. In this case it is a Captain America shield. When you pull the handle, a Nerf shooter pops out and discharges a series of Nerf missiles. My kids don’t play with the missiles so much, but they love running around with the shield and taking turns being the hero. And sometimes when they go to bed, I run around downstairs with the shield and pretend to be Captain America. Yep, it is fun.

The last item might be my favorite. The Nerf Sports Bash Ball is awesome. I love Nerf material because it is soft yet sturdy. This ball has the typical ball shape, but it has handles in it which changes the way you typically play with a ball. What’s cool about the handles is that it makes throwing easier for kids who may not have the coordination down yet to chuck a normal ball. My son can throw and catch this ball better than a regular one. Both kids like playing with it and have created different “games” to play with the Bash Ball.

The bottom line is that we love the creativity that toys allow kids to express. We love the imagination and fun that follow playtime.

Disclosure: I received all four of these items, but was not compensated for this post. My words and thoughts are my own.20140610-234110-85270933.jpg

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