To Boldly Go Where No Dad has Gone Before


Captain’s Log. Diaper Date 2506. Daddy Chronicles.

I am currently sitting next to a pile of Star Wars toys. Those of you who know the difference between Star Wars and Star Trek will recognize the conflict between my title and current situation.

Nonetheless, I am preparing myself for an epic journey, a voyage of sorts, and I am trying to determine what toys to bring with me. You see today, after gymnastics, I am taking the children, alone, on a trip. It’s not that I’m not capable (I am). It’s not that my wife doesn’t have confidence in me (she does). It’s not that the kids don’t like me (I think they like me…sometimes). It’s that it is the first time I have taken them this far for this long. It’s new. I’ll survive (I hope), they’ll have fun (again, I hope), and we will do it again (if we survive).

Traveling makes me nervous. Traveling, to me, is like parenthood- it takes you a bit out of your comfort zone, but you are better for the experience.

I’m not the first, or last, dad to take his kids on a trip – the title is obviously presented tongue in cheek. However, once we load up the Carship Enterprise (see what I did there) the true adventure, for me at least, will begin.

In the meantime, I have to make the hard decision about which toys make the cut and board our vessel for the journey. Oh, and I need to pack my own bag. Guess I better get going.

Wish us luck. For now…Captain Out!

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