Scrubbing Holiday Stress Away

I have the pleasure of following up Patrick Quinn and his frank holiday experience. This is slightly intimidating as P Money (that’s what I call him) has model-esque hair, teeth, and looks. But nonetheless, here it goes-

So the holidays can be a tricky time. Many people think of it as a time to unwind, relax, and enjoy. As a parent, while you enjoy the time, it can be rather stressful preparing for the holiday.For example, the lights. Perhaps the most frustrating aspect of preparing for the holiday.

There’s checking the lights to see if they work, going to the store to replace the lights that don’t work, climbing up and down the ladder to string up the lights, it’s a workout. Between the grit and grime of the roof and the sweat from the labor of hanging up multiple strands of lights, I can be an unpleasant person to be in the same room with. But, unfortunately, it only got worse.

We visit a tree farm each year for to select our tree. It’s a process. A fun process, but it involves a lot of walking, searching, cutting down a tree, and carrying our find to the car. We usually wait for a snowfall to get the tree because snow and Christmas go hand in hand here in the Midwest. Usually. This year, due to scheduling conflicts we determined that we needed to get our tree a little earlier.

The good part of that was that it wasn’t too cold. The bad part? There was no snow. Just mud. So there I was laying it out for the team. Just me, my clothes and the most natural bed Mother Nature could offer. The tree was blessed with full branches. I couldn’t find a good place to cut, so I found myself wiggling around in the all natural mud trying to find a good place to cut the tree down. Only I didn’t realize just how natural the mud I was laying in was, until I finished cutting the tree.  I stood up and dusted myself off, only to discover a large blob of goo on my elbow. Yep. I was elbow deep in poop. And I stunk.



Needless to say, it was an offensive ride home. After securing the tree, I needed a way to alleviate the new smell I discovered – which I tried to musk as holiday spirit, but my family simply decided was holiday funk. And they were right. At one point, I think my wife and kids were voting on whether to have me ride on the roof of the car. You can’t simply plop a limb down in poop and expect the day to go on normally. I needed some help to up my game.

Fortunately, my friends at Life of Dad had hooked me up with a new product- frank. It was like an early Christmas present – and, as I would learn, a great gift idea.


I’m gonna be honest here. I have never used a body scrub before. I learned there are several cool things about frank. They are a company out of Australia and they make their scrubs from all kinds of natural ingredients. When you open the package, the first thing you notice is the fragrance of the scrub. Don’t worry it isn’t overpowering. It’s like someone just brewed a really nice cup of coffee…in your bathroom. The kind of scent that will wake you up and energize you. It’s also an all natural product.

For my introduction, I chose to simply go with the “original” and it did not disappoint. It has sweet almond oil, orange essence, vitamins and minerals. One of the benefits is that it targets dry skin – which in the winter months can be an uphill battle. The directions say to simply take two small handfuls. After that it is as simple as getting dirty to get clean. Kind of a novel mindset.


So the odd thing is that it was pretty therapeutic to scrub away the dirt, grime, and stress that was holiday preparation. And then rinse it all away. I was surprised by how smooth and energized I felt. I felt so fresh and so clean clean. And wait a minute…my wife likes coffee. I smell like coffee. This is awesome!




Now if there is a dude that can step up to a challenge, I know that it is Chris Bernholdt of Dad N Charge.  Now Chris, I know you are a Bears fan and their season has kind of stunk. I don’t know if that funk transfers or not, but do you have what it takes to step your game up this holiday season? Don’t let my, or Patrick’s, picture or Instagram video intimidate you.


Disclosure: I have partnered with Life of Dad and frank body for this promotion.   My thoughts, words, and scent are all my own – and they are all good.




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