The Power of Popsicles

Captain’s Log. Diaper Date 2649. Daddy Chronicles. The power of popsicles.

I used to enjoy sick days. Ok, let me qualify that- I used to enjoy the idea of convalescing quietly while the rest of the world was busy doing their busy thing. There is something therapeutic about sitting in bed with a cup of tea and watching bad TV. Or, as Poppy used to say – “I think the TV was watching me.”

All that changes when kids enter the equation. I rarely took sick days before kids because I usually don’t get sick much. But let me tell you these little germ sponges have flipped that game on its head. I would say a majority of my sick days that I take are spent on them. And those days aren’t easy.

Yesterday, for example, I took The Artist (the girl loves art therefore I think we have spawned a new name) in to the doctor and consequently had to take Destructo Jr. with us.

She just wants to rest and I’m trying to read her a book. He is climbing on the chairs, throwing Captain America all around the empty (thank goodness) waiting room when we are then corralled into a smaller room.

In that room there is a door to the outside world that Captain America almost fits under. The doctor comes in to find me on my hands and knees rescuing Cap from the abyss.

The Artists goes through a battery of tests and passes them all which is both good and frustrating. The Doc is awesome because she nails me out by bringing popsicles not once but twice.

My mother says that popsicles fix everything. And I think she is right. Had there been no popsicles, I might not have survived the mutiny that was brewing and our doctor probably would have fired us.

So remember dear readers, when sick days get you down and you are exhausted – pull out the popsicles. You will survive.

That’s it for now…Captain out.

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