Ultimate Spider-Man: Web Warriors

A little while ago a box arrived at my door. It was exciting for a number of reasons, the first of which being that I wasn’t expecting it, but equally as thrilling was that the front had a picture of my favorite web slinger – Spider-Man.

My friends at Hasbro sent a box with a few items from their new Ultimate Spider-Man: Web Warriors line. Spidey is a favorite in my household, so once the box was open the play began.

The box included a bike riding Venom, a Web Slingers training facility) that comes with a Spider-Man WHO SLINGS A WEB. In fact, the bike Agent Venom rides slings webs as well. The training facility that Spider-Man uses has a place for him to swing, and a target for him to practice his web slinging.

The only disappointing part of the box was that my Fetus Fist of Fury┬« would not fit into the Spider-Man glove that allows you to sling a web like Spidey. It did fit both of my kids’ hands and provided a great deal of entertainment and giggles.

There has been a great deal of action in our home. Agent Venom has wreaked havoc in the playroom. He has terrorized other toys, the cats, and the dog, but the good news is that Spidey has been training and is on the scene to make the playroom a safe place.

I have to mention this- we have a lot of toys that have missiles or other things that fire. What I really like about these Web Slingers is that they are big enough that they don’t easily get lost, soft enough that they don’t damage anything (including siblings), and they don’t get sticky or slimy.

These are fun toys to play with and build your own Ultimate adventure around. Even if the glove doesn’t fit adults…sometimes we do have to let the kids play.

Disclosure: While I did receive toys to review, I was not compensated for this post. My thoughts and words are my own.

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