Jeans Day/ Lee Day

As a middle school teacher, there are a number of “perks” of the job that I enjoy – random free extra food in the workroom, discounts at some stores, and my favorite – jeans day. It’s funny, and may seem silly to some, but one of the best awards is a free jeans day. It made me wonder what is the magical allure of jeans. And so I came up with a quick list:

1. They are comfortable – relaxing even.
2. They are appropriate in any season.
3. They are rugged enough for physical work, yet not too restrictive for leisure.
4. They can be dressed up with a button down.
5. They can be dressed down with a tee shirt.
6. They can be recreational.

And then I asked my co-workers what they thought because they love jeans just as much as I do. And Their list was pretty similar:

1. Freedom
2. Comfort
3. Ease of moving around the classroom.
4. Easier to decide what to wear (all color tops and shirts go with jeans).
5. Makes laundry day easier.
6. You can wear gym shoes with jeans and it doesn’t look funny.

And my personal favorite:

7. Our smile/happiness (that we have while wearing jeans) rubs off on others!

Who knew that denim had so much magic in it! To make things even better- my friends at Lee gave away three free pairs of jeans to three random colleagues. And now they will be working in comfort and style.

On my personal calendar I mark the jeans days (not that I need a reminder), but I call them Lee Days. Unfortunately, every day is not a “Lee Jeans Day”, but fortunately, they do make more than jeans. So every day, technically, can be a “Lee Day”.

Disclosure: I was not compensated for this post, however, three of my coworkers did receive jeans as a giveaway. My thoughts and words are my own – as are my Lee Jeans:)


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