Like a Superhero

There’s a pretty big movie coming out this week, and you are going to hear me talk/blog/tweet/write about it a lot because I am a huge superhero fan.

As an English teacher I see comics as our modern day twist on mythology and the never ending search to find that buried quality within us that is our superpower- that thing that is our gift. It’s also a metaphorical search for good and evil and the ultimate struggle for a stronghold in that space between the two extremes.

As a parent, I love when my children invent their own stories and pretend to be their own heroes because, in all honesty, at some point they will need to be their own heroes. Their own advocates.

So it was with great glee that I opened a package to find this:


That’s right, my junior superheroes and I got to grace the cover of a Nesquik Avengers canister. Previous to receiving the canister, we did receive a box with a pair of Hulk fists, a cape, a lunch box, and a few bottles of Nesquik chocolate milk to fuel up our photo session. Shortly after the photo, the junior superheroes drained all four of the chocolate milks.

Want to unleash your own inner superhero on the cover of a canister? Start here. You can also learn about the 8 grams of protein and 7 essentials vitamins and minerals in the aforementioned chocolate milk – and the energy it can provide. In the meantime, check out the movie Avengers 2: Age of Ultron in theaters May 1.

Disclosure: It was my pleasure to partner with Nestle for the Nesquik #LikeaSuperhero campaign. I received some product and costume materials in order to capture a photo for the canister. My thoughts and words are my own.


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