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Let me start by saying this is not a sponsored post. I am a BIG fan of the way that Dove Men+Care supports fathers, and I am excited to share any message they deliver that supports dads. And this message is awesome. The first part of the message, First Fatherhood Moments, conveys the real reaction of men finding out they are going to be fathers.

Some of the moments captured include:

Matt and Christina Vereb—Christina set up a hidden camera to capture the moment, and handed her husband a Pennsylvania college baby hat (bought in the school where they first met) to reveal their happy news.
Ian and Darryl Colvin—From Port Moody, Canada, this couple is shown embracing one another as they set eyes on their newborn baby boy (who they never thought they’d have) for the first time.
Jonathan and Sara Wilson—This couple from San Antonio, Texas shared their moment with a poppy seed—signifying the size of their baby. Sara handed Jonathan the small seed to creatively reveal the news.

There’s a lot of excitment, but that is just the beginning.

In the picture above, I am a new dad. Brand new. Not quite sleep deprived yet. Not yet accustomed to colic, or reflux, or trips in the car just to get the kid to sleep. There was so much I didn’t know (and there’s plenty I still don’t know now), but one of the biggest things that I didn’t know – I wasn’t alone. If I were to deliver a message to all dads, it would be that you are not alone. Realize that there are many dads out there (some like you, some not) and somewhere, someone has an appreciation for what you are going through. Each situation is unique and offers its own set of blessings and challenges, but you are not alone.

That message, or the many other pieces of advice that fathers all over may have, is difficult to get across. Until now. Dove Men+Care is doing their part to spread words of encouragement and advice to dads in the delivery room. That’s right, tens of thousands of dads in select locations around the country will receive “Dad Care Packages” which will include grooming products (which comes in handy when every person you know comes to visit you in the hospital) and one “To All Dads” letter.

The “To All Dads” letter campaign is a new series that can be found on This new collection will include material for fathers from fathers to share personal experiences and words of support to help give encouragement, #RealStrength, and support to dads everywhere. What a great way to share support with dads where they need it.

Do you have feedback or advice? You have the opportunity to share it in both places (video and open letters). Feel free to share your #RealStrength stories. Know a new dad, or a father to be? Share the “To All Dads” campaign with him, and let him know: he is not alone.

That’s it for now. Captain…out.

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