Making My Miles Matter

Disclosure: I have partnered with Life of Dad and KIND for this promotion. My words and thoughts are my own, and my miles matter.

There are a number of campaigns, or opportunities, that appear that allow me to do some cool things with my family. This campaign with KIND came at the right time.








The beginning of the summer has been a bit stressful. We moved. There’s a certain chaos and loss of control that moving imposes upon families. There are late nights, endless boxes, hard labor, and, at times, a solitude that is mandatory to complete the cumbersome list of chores. My wife and I spent many a nights split between the old house and the new house preparing one for departure and the other for arrival.



So when the KIND campaign arrived and the goal was to spend active time with the family, it was the exact opportunity I needed to reconnect. It also coincided with our vacation.

image (2).







For 10 days we strolled the beaches of St. Pete and spent quality time together talking, laughing, playing in the sands and waters. We swam in the pool, floated in the Gulf, flew kites. And it was great. We spent very little time in our room. Man, were we active. We averaged over 2 miles a day simply walking – not counting the swimming.

image (3)







Was the time worth it? Absolutely. 5 years ago, in nearly the same location, my daughter learned the basics of how to swim. This summer she passed that on to my son, who up until this trip, had been very hesitant to get in the water let alone dip his head under water.

As an added bonus, one of those days was spent at the Magic Kingdom. We logged over 8 miles in the Happiest Place on Earth. If that isn’t quality time then I don’t know what is.

image (4)





I am thankful to my friends at KIND who supplied me with a care package (that I wisely packed in my luggage) that included a number of KIND bars (made with wholesome ingredients, gluten free, and non-GMO…my favorite are the STRONG and KIND flavors) as well as some handpicked items from Target’s Made to Matter line. The wipes came in handy after a few trips to the ice cream store, and the sunscreen was a necessity in the hot Florida sun.

And because we didn’t spend much time indoors, it was great to have a supply of KIND bars to help fuel our adventures during the course of the day.

2.2 miles on the beach before the rain. Trying to make our #kindmilesmatter! #ad

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My favorite part of this campaign is the fact that for every mile that my family was active, KIND will donate one box of their snacks to a charity of my choosing. I have selected the Dayspring Center of Indianapolis to be the beneficiary of this KIND gesture. I selected Dayspring because the center was able to help over 150 families in Indianapolis last year and is a resource to families in need for a myriad of reasons.

People matter. Kindness matters. And that’s what made my miles matter.

For more information about the KIND company (whose mission has been to “make the world a little kinder one snack at a time) and their list of products, check out their site.

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