WiFi When and Where You Need It

Technology is always evolving which presents a number of challenges as well as opportunities. In the last week, I have been on vacation, moved, and attended a conference.

There’s tech for checking into the airport, tech for entertainment for the kids while on the road, tech for communicating with colleagues, tech for finding resources at the new house, tech for getting resources for wrapping up the old house. Some of these things can be done on your phone, while others require heftier devices.

What I have found is that having a portable WiFi source is quite fortuitous. My friends at NetGear and AT&T sent me a GoPhone Prepaid Unite mobile hotspot and it has been beyond helpful.


What is unique about the Unite is that I can use it as little or as much as I want. Since it is prepaid (you simply buy a GoPhone prepaid card from a store like Best Buy), I can purchase an appropriate amount of data (there’s information on the AT&T site to help you figure out the right amount) and it is good for 30 days.

Vacation, short trips, or instances (like moving) are perfect examples of when it is convenient to load up the prepaid unit and take it with you.

Now I realize that sometimes you don’t want to be connected and that’s the beauty of this mobile tech piece – you can turn it on when you need it, or turn it off when you no longer wish to be connected. And since it is slightly larger than a smart phone, it is easy to take with you and simple to store.

While on vacation, we didn’t have our devices on the beach, but there were down times (back in our room) where we gave the kids an opportunity to sit and watch a video or play a game.

You can connect up to 10 devices to this hotspot, and what makes it different from the free WiFi you get in public, it is secure and password protected – which I appreciate. The Unite also offers a battery boost (charge) if you connect it to your smartphone.

And, did I mention that it is portable? The battery operated Unite lasts for 10 hours of use – making it great for use in the car (long trips), camping, or in hotels. Many hotels charge $15 or more a day for WiFi use – for comparatively less money you have access for 30 days.

While I do not feel the need to be connected at all times, I appreciate the convenience of being able to connect when I need to and at an affordable price. If you find yourself and/or your family on the road a great deal and are looking for a portable WiFi solution – this is the device for you.

Disclosure: While I was not compensated, I did receive the AT&T Prepaid GoPhone Unite for the intent of reviewing the product. My thoughts and words are my own.

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