Captain’s Log – Diaper Date 3033

Captain’s Log – Diaper Date 3033. The Daddy Chronicles. 

Today the crew is down one. The Eldest has gone AWOL and is visiting my sister and her family out of state. It’s a weird feeling. There was no demand for chocolate chip pancakes this morning – and THE CAPTAIN HAD TO LET THE DOG OUT! Yet it warms my heart that she is with family enjoying herself. 

The boy has requested a trip to the local public library to acquire some DC comic books. This is a great day. 

The boy and I made a voyage around our fair neighboring city in search of new paint for two of the rooms in our home. While picking up the paint, we discovered an opportunity to create. And so we did. Thank you, Home Depot. 


So the rotating box came out a little crooked, but the boy was happy. 

It was a fun boys’ afternoon followed by some more fun with friends. And now The Captain finds himself painting a bathroom. The highs and lows all in one day. 

But I really can’t complain, can I? The roller calls and I must answer.

That’s all for now. Captain…out! 

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