Captain’s Log- Diaper Date 3034. Goodbye, Break. 

Captain’s Log- Diaper Date 3034. The Daddy Chronicles. Goodbye, Break.

Fewer than 24 hours remain between myself and the return back to “the grind”. I have doubts about being able to wake in the morning, but my biggest fear is actually waking the kids. 

It seems that the last day of break becomes more of a day of mourning rather than a celebration of what was. I have to say that this was probably the best Winter Break that we have had in some years. There was fun, gifts, family, and heavy doses of laziness on the couch. 

And yet that stubborn clock ticks on and beckons the working hours to come, rendering these days of relaxation to the realm of memory – ghosts of a Christmas past. 

And though this final day may be marred, somewhat, by stress, a few tears, and preparation for the grind, I will take a moment, tip my cap, and show my appreciation for the two blessed weeks bestowed upon me and my family. 

If only they served chocolate chip pancakes at work, and allowed me to lounge in my pjs for days. 

Sigh. Tomorrow – it’s time to get back to reality. 

That’s it for now. Captain…out! 

PS Keep it tuned it for a major announcement this week! #tease 

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