Captain’s Log – Diaper Date 3035. Back to Reality. 


Captain’s Log – Diaper Date 3035. The Daddy Chronicles. Back to Reality. 

It was weird not being home. As I left for work the dog even looked at me funny like I was playing a warped game of hide and seek with a coat and a bag attached to my back. The children were unimpressed with the darkness of the morning. However, the coffee was good and strong. 

Time off makes you wonder whether the grind that you are used to, or the daily grind that sometimes erodes your very being is the actual reality. Which one is real? Can they both be? 

I cannot find the words to illustrate how much fun it has been being with my family for the last two weeks. It makes me look forward to the next time. In the meantime, I will enjoy the moments I share with my coworkers (my work family) and my students. 

While I anticipate more fun with the fam during the next extended break, I don’t want it to come too soon. 

Breaks are rejuvenating, and I do consider myself rejuvenated. I just hope the family dog isn’t looking for us all day when we are gone. The return to work may be hardest on her. 

So here’s to work, early mornings, and coffee. That’s it for now. Captain…out! 

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