Captain’s Log – Diaper Date 3036. Taco Tuesday. 

Captain’s Log – Diaper Date 3036. The Daddy Chronicles. Taco Tuesday. 

Sometimes it is the simple things in life that matter. It was a hectic day for everyone. Our schedules returned back to “normal”. Workload returned for everyone – except for the boy (his work is still full time play, and I’m jealous). 

There was one thing saving this day. Taco Tuesday. The peasants celebrated (not the boy who held out for popcorn chicken) as I heated the burner and began to prepare the meat. 

Except there was no seasoning. This required a quick jaunt to the local grocery store, and, fortunately, did not ruin the evening. Homework was completed, toys were played with, and then the food was done. 

It seemed to taste even better today – a respite from the grind. A chance to sit as a family and enjoy the comforts of food and company. 

And maybe that is metaphorical – maybe at times we allow our lives to get bland, and need to afford ourselves the opportunity to seek the seasoning in life that spices things up. Or maybe I just like Taco Tuesday. No, everything is not awesome (Lego Movie reference) every day. There are highs, lows, struggles, and triumphs. 

But whether it is a good day or bad day, Taco Tuesday always wins- as long as you have the seasoning. 

Time to end this day, so we can make tomorrow a winner. That’s it for now. Captain…out. 

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