What’s Inside Matters

I first met the good people of SmartyPants Vitamins at Dad 2.0 Summit in San Francisco. Gummy vitamins for adults? Yes, Please. The delight isn’t just for kids anymore. There’s something fun, no, rejuvenating about popping a couple of gummy vitamins in to get your daily dose of vitamins. What’s better is that these vitamins are full of good, natural vitamins and nutrients – some of which may be hard to get in a normal diet.

Daily/multivitamins can be a confusing endeavor. If you have ever looked at the bottle of a traditional vitamin, it can be confusing. Taking a peek at the SmartyPants website, they make it very clear what is in their vitamins and illustrate the what it is you are putting in your body and in a manner that is easily digestible. But don’t take my word for it, go to the website and see for yourself!

The good folks at SmatyPants sent me a race pack to check out the full SmartyPants line of vitamins which includes not only adult vitamins, but also kids and pre-natal vitamins as well. I shared some with co-workers and, of course, my own kids. And they have been a hit.

In addition to the goodness within the vitamins, the core message and movement from the company is also fulfilling. For every bottle you buy the company donates a bottle to children in need. The company is also active in trying to help provide clean water and combat obesity and chronic disease through education.

The product is effective and the company is empowering. In fact, they encouraged me to participate in my first 5K. Granted, I didn’t run, I did walk (briskly), but I signed up and finished. As a result, I have a goal of participating in at least 5 more 5Ks this year and improving my time each time. It’s not so much about competing against others as it is staying active and investing in my own health. In fact, one of the things that you learn about SmartyPants is that the “profit” that they aim for deals more with improving our “collective well-being”, help others, and have some fun in the meantime. This was evident when I snapped the photo in San Francisco wearing a gummy bicycle helmet and tasted my first sample of SmartyPants vitamins.

What’s inside matters a great deal – not only inside out vitamins, but inside of us as well. And this year, as I turn 40, I hope to see, and improve, exactly what I am made of. More details on this to come in a later post, but thank you SmartyPants for coming along for the ride!

Disclosure: I did receive product for review in this blog post. I am willing to share my yummy vitamins, but you can find out where to get your own here. In the meantime, my thoughts and words are my own.  

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