A Yo-kai Watch Party

I was compensated financially and in product by Hasbro for the Yo-kai Watch campaign. My thoughts, words, and whispers are my own.  Every now and again, a toy gives you a new perspective. Yes, they are fun, but sometimes the simple premise of a toy will make you think.     When the box of Yo-kai Watch … Read more

Dear Oren 

Dear Oren,  I think it is only right that I send you some thoughts after this year’s Dad 2.0. I have a feeling you would have been proud of how this community has grown and is continuing to grow. Though you weren’t there, your fingerprints were everywhere.  I saw an image of you in the … Read more

A Gift from Gran

The last gift my grandmother gave me was a cologne pack. I’ve kept the cologne and only break it out for special occasions. Today is one of those days. I have the honor of reading this post about her family at the Dad 2.0 Summit. It’s been many years since I have seen you and … Read more

A Car That Works Like a Parent

   I have always viewed the Toyota Camry as a grownup car. There is an air of responsibility, safety, and durability. I’ll never forget the time my roommate from college got one. It was one of those post college moments when you realize that one of your close friends had grown up – and maybe … Read more