Attitude is Everything

One of the coolest things I got to do while at Dad 2.0 (besides reading one of my own pieces) was meeting and interviewing Hall of Famer Michael Strahan. 

Strahan was appearing courtesy of Meta Wellness and was talking specifically about #Heart2Heart conversations that men need to have about their health. He shared a particularly personal experience and conversation that he had with his dad

So what was he like? Strahan was as personable as you can imagine – even to this lowly Browns fan. He was kind, funny, and low key. He was the perfect person to start this conversation about having conversations. I also had read that he seems to be one of the happiest people around. I asked him about that and much much more. In the interview he gives me some of his insights as a man, as a dad, as a former athlete. And he even inadvertently busts me for eating at Shake Shack. 

All in all what I learned from Mr. Strahan is that attitude is everything. Your approach affects your outcome. But don’t take my word for it, listen to the man himself below: 


Special thanks to Meta Wellness for the opportunity to interview Mr. Strahan, and for prompting dads to discuss health. 

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