Parenting Until Failure

Please excuse the late night post. This one’s a little different – a random scribble from a notebook (one of many) that I keep. What makes it different is that it is a poem. I don’t usually write poetry mainly because it is not my thing. 

The idea came from a workout – the idea of repeating something until you reach muscle failure. Got me wondering if there is such a thing in parenting. And then I found myself writing a poem. 

Nonetheless, here it is. Enjoy, laugh, tease. Whatever floats your boat. 
                      Parenting Until Failure 

Once your foray into parenthood begins

In sight there will never be an end.

A journey full of highs and lows

A tale full of emotions that no one else knows

Yet from the start one thing is certain – 

On the definition of failure we must close the curtain

Instead of a measure of a loss versus a win- 

Think in terms of reps – lift till you can’t lift again. 

And when it seems your parental muscles have ground to a hault…

Trust in your circle of spotters to assist you through your faults. 

For its true: You are a parent until the end. 

So thru the highs and lows keep parenting & parenting again. 


That’s it for now. Captain…out. 


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