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25 years ago life was simpler. I was 14 and knocking on the door of 15 years of age. My responsibilities, which seemed mountainous then, were to go to school, run my paper route, and go to baseball practice. And while I may be simplifying things, the bottom line was that I was responsible essentially for myself – I had no dependents, no spouse, no job (aside from the short paper route), and no bills to my name. 25 years ago, the only kid I was responsible for? Was the one inside me.

25 years later, things are different. I’m a married father of two, with a mortgage, bills, and a fulfilling career. There are people that depend on me. There is a lot for which I am now responsible.

As Alcohol Responsibility Month draws to a close it is a good reminder that responsibility #startswithme. is celebrating 25 years of spreading awareness about the dangers of drunk driving and underage drinking and the importance of adults to practice responsible drinking.

25 years ago it was my grandfather who initiated conversations with me about the dangers of underage alcohol consumption. Teachers and other adults who spoke about the risks associated with underage consumption – especially around homecoming and prom season. I remember attending a convocation where an inmate spoke about the drunk driving incident that led to his incarceration and the death of the driver he hit. I am grateful for the adults in my life who took the time to have these difficult conversations. And 25 years later, it is time for me to pass on these conversations with others.

If you are a parent, teacher, or adult who works with children and you are looking for a way to initiate these conversations, check out the resources at Also be sure to check out the “Responsibility Starts With Me” campaign.


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