Captain’s Gold: Planning the Journey 

  I want you to join me on a journey. This summer is a special one. First, The Captain turns 40 which seems to be a milestone, yet I feel it merely marks the number of years I have loved cheeseburgers. 

The second reason why it is so special is that it is an Olympic Summer. Which brings me to a crazy idea. 

What if I attempted to do as many of the 37 Olympic events during the course of the summer BEFORE the Olympics begins. 

Well, let’s find out. 

This summer the kids and I are going to learn about the Olympics and share some of our adventures with you. Feel free to play along. If you post anything to social media feel free to use the hashtag #CaptainsGold

More details to come in the following weeks. The adventure begins after school ends! 

Stay tuned. That’s it for now…Captain out. 

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