Captain America: Civil War – The Captain’s Recap

I waited a long time for this movie. Thanks to Fandango a whole group of us got to go to the premiere of Captain America: Civil War.


Civil War is by far my favorite Marvel movie to date. And there are so many reasons why the movie worked, but here are three specifically:

1. The Conflict
Without giving too much of the movie away, while there are some bad guys, the crux of the conflict falls in a dispute between two allies – Captain America and Iron Man. It becomes a battle of truths rather than a search and destroy mission against a vaunted villain. That in and of itself adds to the tension in the story.

2. Black Panther
The introduction of a new character in the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) is exciting. It’s also a risk – a risk that the character won’t sink, or will overcrowd the already large superhero cast. However, the addition of the Blank Panther is exciting. He adds a third dimension to the two sided conflict in the story. He has a number of exciting scenes in the movie – including some pretty extensive action scenes. His backstory is teased (there is a Black Panther movie coming in the future) and intertwines nicely in the Civil War story. Coincidently, he has become my son’s favorite superhero.

3. Spider-Man
When Peter Parker hit the screen I was excited. But when Spider-Man landed in the middle of the conflict, the theater lost its collective mind. I will admit that I was concerned about how Spider-Man would be added to the cast and the storyline. The Web Slinger did not disappoint. Between his short quippy lines and fast action, Spider-Man is a fan favorite and a great addition to the MCU.

And as is the case with any Marvel movie, make sure to stay after for the two post credits scenes. This movie is the perfect kick off to the summer movie lineup. Stay tuned for more reviews this summer.

Still need some convincing? Check out this clip.

While I was not compensated for this post, I did receive Fandango gift cards for the purpose of reviewing this film.

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