The Dadlete

A brief about boxer briefs for Dadletes:

What does it take to be a Dadlete? That’s a difficult question to answer as the responses vary with the children and the ages of the children. Like the Olympics, Dadletes face number of physical challenges which may include various forms of running, throwing, jumping, catching, lifting, etc.

Consider that you start off as a rookie Dadlete – your events may include the all night rock and roll, the stroller push, the pumpkin seat carry, the diaper dash, and the diaper bag carry.
As your child grows older, your events may morph. You may find yourself being a part of the crawling dash, the baby luge, the stroller marathon stroll, the peek a boo squat, and the tummy time planking.

Eventually, your child becomes more mobile and the game changes to the wandering toddler, 100 meter accident prevention dash, the dad fetch game,

At some point, your child’s activity makes you realize that you need to find ways to keep yourself active. You pick up a hobby – maybe dust off your bike or running shoes. Maybe you hit the weights, or go running. Maybe you start doing CrossFit, yoga, or pilates.

Here a Dadlete executes the double apple carry.

Whatever your vice, as a Dadlete you need the proper equipment. Russell has engineered a product fit for the Dadlete – the CoolForce boxer brief – sold exclusively at Walmart. Comprised of a fabric that contains a chemical free cooling technology, evaporation regulation, odor protection, multi-stretch fabric that not only moves with you, but retains its shape.

So whether you are running laps in the park, bicycling in the dark, retrieving frisbees from a tree, or a dead sprint to the potty – the Russel CoolForce boxer briefs will fit your Dadlete needs to a T.

Sometimes being a Dadlete means maneauvering an obstacle course.

Though I was not compensated for this post, I did receive product for the purpose of a review. My thoughts and words are my own. 

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