Dadlete Stress and Recovery

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There’s one part of being a Dadlete that is often forgotten. There’s a lot of stress and challenge that goes into being a Dadlete. That leads to a great deal of mental and physical stress.

And because of that there is a certain quality that is necessary – recovery.

People recoup and recover in a multitude of ways. Some do yoga. Some listen to relaxing music. Some simply go for a drive.

I decided to try something different.

I floated. For 90 minutes.

Yep. You read that correctly. I entered a pod, closed the lid, and floated for 90 minutes.

So, there are a few things to consider- I can’t swim mainly because I can’t float. I am often too hyper to sit still for 10 minutes let alone 90. Oh, and while I may not be clastophobic, I’m not a big fan of small spaces with little light.

And yet it was the most relaxing 90 minutes of my year.

Sometimes, Dadletes need to slow down and take inventory of where they are. And that’s what I did. 90 minutes with no phone, internet, television, or other distractions. I used that time to consider where I was as a husband and father. What I needed to do professionally. And what I needed to do to better take care of myself.

I didn’t realize how tense and sore my muscles were until they had a chance to rest. We focus so much on movement (and movement is good), but recovery is just as important.

I didn’t think I was going to make it longer than 10 minutes, but when I closed that lid, I was determined to do two things – calm my mind and relax my body. And it turned out to be the most beneficial thing I could do.

So what do you think about for 90 minutes? It’s a good time to confront the fears, flaws, and aspirations that burden you each day. It’s a time to realize potential and growth. It’s a time to drown out the noise. I remember as a college athlete the importance of singling out your inner voice. Your motivation. That’s something, as an adult, upon which I have failed to capitalize. And is now something I plan on spending more time focusing on – my inner Dadlete.

Sounds cheesy, I know, but necessary. The competition has changed, by the competitor inside is still itching to be challenged. But in order for this Dadlete to succeed, sometimes you have to spend some time recovering.

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