The Shotbox Solution

Taking pictures is hard. Especially when you are taking pictures of pictures. We are that odd generation where a number of our pictures are printed. Our history is scattered in showboxes or albums.

Fortunately, my friends at Shotbox sent me a gift to make sharing those pictures easier. The design of this box enables users to use effective lighting, yet cut down on the glare of photographs. Remember those glossy pictures you printed out from that roll of film in high school? The Shotbox allows you to capture them digitally without the annoying glare of a flash or a light.

So how does it work?

Well you have a couple options depending on the size of the picture and the camera that you are using.

There are slots in the top of the box that allow you to take a top down shot of a picture. Remember those wallet size photos from middle school? Now you can relieve the hilarity and send them to siblings, parents, or children with the touch of a screen. Or capture family memories. 

Have a larger picture? You can use a plain back drop and snap a picture from the front of the box.

You can also glam up your shots a bit with some staging. There are additional backdrops that you can purchase to create a scene.

But this box isn’t just for pictures. Objects small enough to fit in a milk crate can be photographed. Do you have antiques you would like to sell online? Or maybe you need to have an impromptu photo shoot of a child’s prized stuffie. 

I’m honestly just starting to scratch the surface with the Shotbox. There are many more features and backdrops to explore. More posts to follow as I continue to tinker with it. 

What would YOU do with a Shotbox? Check out the kit and all the accessories here

Disclosure: I received product for the purpose of review. My thoughts and words are my own. 

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