The Ragnarok Riot

I had many expectations for Thor Ragnarok. I am happy to report that they were all exceeded by the presentation I got to screen this past Monday.


First a little background. I recall hearing that this was supposed to be the darkest Thor movie yet. If you do just a little Norse Mythology research you learn that Ragnarok is meant to be the end. What can possibly be darker than that?

The last several Marvel movies have been pretty intense. Captain America Civil War depicted many of our beloved heroes squaring off against each other. Guardians 2 brought the laughs and the tears.

So how was this Thor movie supposed to work?


I’m going to step out on a limb here and say that it is the funniest Marvel movie I have seen. The laughs begin with the opening scene and are sustained all the way through the after credits scene (yes there are two scenes so stay in your seats).

Thor Ragnarok is a riot. Yes, there is a ton of action. Yes, there is a storyline. Familiar characters? Check. New characters? Check. There’s even a cameo that I didn’t know about ahead of time that I found hilarious.


This is by far the best Thor movie, and the most humorous of the Marvel line. There are some serious questions from previous movies that get answered. Some humorous debates (hint: one involves Jane from Midgard – and it is hilarious). And because it does fit into the larger MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe), it does create more questions leading up to the next sequence of movies.

I give this movie two HUGE Hulk thumbs up – wait did I mention the Hulk? There’s a lot of green action in this film (that may also be a reference to Loki, brother of Thor, but you will have to watch and see).


Thor Ragnarok is out today in theaters. Go check it out. It is a riot.

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