A New Beginning

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I had the opportunity to see the results of new research about the effects of cleaning on children and adults. Essentially, the research shows that cleaning impacts not just our environment, but also our moods. Clean offers our children the opportunity to be more productive and also exhibit empathy towards others.

It made me think about what I am teaching my kids about cleaning. Sure, we tell them to pick things up, or wipe things down, but do we always explain the why? I decided to write them a letter about life and its messes. Here it is.

Dear Kids,

As you have heard Mommy and I say a number of times, two of our most important jobs as parents are to keep you safe and growing. The growing part isn’t always fun, but there are lessons in life that are necessary to foster growth.

One of those lessons? Chores.


I know what you are thinking – “Daddy, YOU just don’t want to do the chores.” You are partially correct, I’m not going to claim to love doing chores, but I do love the end results.

Children, in life there are messes. Lots of messes. Sometimes you make the mess and sometimes you are left with someone else’s mess. Regardless of who made the mess, you are left with a choice – live with the mess or clean it.

I’m here to tell you that cleaning it is always the better option.

What Happens When You Clean

Kids, when you clean you are doing more than removing dirt and mess. You are creating an opportunity. An opportunity to be more productive. An opportunity to be more creative. An opportunity to create a new beginning.

The virtue in cleaning is that we afford ourselves an opportunity for a new start. The chance to create, experiment, or learn something new. That experience may be messy, it may result in success, it may result in failure – and that is okay. When that happens, we simply clean and repeat.

You shouldn’t look at cleaning as a burden. Instead, recognize that this responsibility is a sign of growth. It’s the permission we earn to make a mess in life (don’t go crazy with that) when we can handle the clean up that comes with our successes and failures. Believe me, there are good and bad messes in this world – both need cleaning.

A New Beginning

As I mentioned before, sometimes we bear the responsibility of cleaning others’ messes. While I will warn you not to get taken advantage of, I will also remind you that empathy is a good thing. Compassion isn’t a dirty virtue. Sometimes in life the most rewarding feeling is when we help others to find that new beginning. You will also find that your closest friends will do the same for you in times of need.

As you earn the right to do more chores, remember it is a power you are developing. It may not always be fun, but it is rewarding. Cleaning is the ultimate reset button. Learn to use it. Learn to share it.

With Love,

Your Dad

The Captain and crew are headed to New Orleans for Dad 2.0. I’ll have the opportunity to check out Clorox’s booth there and share some fun posts and videos from my experience. Stay tuned especially to my Instagram account (@captain_creed). More to come of New Beginnings:)

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