Hauling People, Furniture, and Fun

We didn’t travel over, under, or through the woods. We didn’t go to grandma’s house – though we did take one grandma with us and met another one in Ohio.  And there were no horses, but there was horse power courtesy of the Toyota RAV4.

Our holiday season began on a high note. During the time that we had the RAV4, we feasted in Ohio, welcomed Santa to Indy, and even grabbed some furniture. All of these activities highlighted the versatility of the RAV4.

There was enough room for the four of us, grandma, and the various dishes that we took with us to holiday meal #1. The two drive was a breeze and comfortably fit 5 people both before and after we gorged ourselves on food.

And when it was time for the kids to welcome the arrival of Santa, the RAV4 not only got us there in style, but the sleigh’s satellite music provided extra festive spirits to the trip.

My favorite use of the vehicle however, was the race against Time I had to pick up the last piece of furniture from the store that is built like a maze. Don’t worry- no traffic laws were broken (though that was tempting). But I did feel like a secret agent on a mission, deftly moving within and out of traffic (using signals appropriately), making it to the store, and successfully nabbing the last cabinet in the store.

Initially, my concern was that the cabinet wouldn’t fit, but there was actually room to spare.

The Rav4 also had the pleasure of shuttling us to and from school for a week. A commute the kids enjoyed greatly.

Overall, the RAV4 was a fun, family ride. Safe, roomy, and packed with enough gettyup to provide all the things you need in a family ride.

A special thanks to DriveShop for giving my family the opportunity to #DriveToyota.

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