Referendom of Manliness

Captain’s Log. Daddy Chronicles. Diaper Date 1587.  How is your Saturday morning going? The Captain’s morning has been a referendom on his manliness, or lack thereof.


The Captain has been sitting in the waiting room of Pep Boys for two hours now.  Nice folks, good business, but a bit frustrating.  The from tire of the Supermobile went flat yesterday. It took two staff members to rescue the Captain. In the process the Supermobile claimed another jack as its victim. With the help of my AD, and a three inch wrench, we put the donuts wheel on. 
Back at the Pep Boys lair, they informed the Captain that not only did the tire need replaced, but the rims were corroding the tires, and the brakes AND rotors were both in the red.
The Captain remembers when his father used to pull the family vehicle apart, on what seemed like a weekly basis, and fix everything. Well, the Captain is not that manly or smart. He didn’t get those genes. He got the genes to make unfunny puns, sing random showtunes in relation to conversation topics or situations, and apply odd nicknames to people.  Well puns don’t fix cars.  And showtunes, though entertaining to the Captain, only seem to irritate people.
Fact is, he is manly enough to go into debt because of the skills he doesn’t have.
Many people say this is because cars are designed in a manner that you are nearly forced to go to a shop to get some things done. What do you guys think? Are cars that different from 20 years ago?
Well, while waiting and wading into debt The Captain is going to contemplate what superpower he can learn to make his kids proud. 

Cue Cymbalta music. (Or “One Day More” from Les Miserables)

(Manly voice.) Captain out…

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