She Almost Made It…

Captain’s Log. Daddy Chronicles. Diaper Date 1571. The eldest decided that she wanted to stay up until the ball dropped. This was going to be a challenge for all involved. Her regular bedtime is 7:30. Around 7:35 if she is not in a bed rubbing her eyebrows she transforms into a Tazmanian Devil that terrorizes all around her. Yes, I exaggerate. A little.
Anyhow, the girl decides to brave the night.  The diaper dweller and Mrs. Captain did not make it past 9. At 9:30 the eldest is still busy – redoing her nest on the couch. She has slept downstairs only a handful of times. She was delighted. About 9:45 she starts slowing down. Her activity is meant only to keep her conscience. So she doesn’t miss anything.  At this point we have already “celebrated” – she has banged pots and pans together on the porch while singing Happy Birthday to the earth (this is from Mrs. Captain’s family – where I am from you hit the deck when the clock strikes midnight), and she tried some bubbly (Welch’s Sparkling Grape Juice – the green variety, her pick). We are watching Dick Clark’s Rockn New Year when she says, “Daddy, can I watch one of my shows?” This is quickly adverted when she realizes that there is more music coming (including the unfortunate Beiberication of a Beatles song). Her favorite of the night? Walk Like An Egyptian.
Around 10 I tell her to try sitting on the couch. “You want me to fall asleep, don’t you,” she says with a smile. 4 years old and already stealing signs from daddy.
10:15? Yeah, she was asleep.
The year changed to the soft snores of my daughter knocked out on the couch. Oh, and the chorus of fireworks, guns, and whatever else was shooting stuff in our general neighborhood. Not a bad way to end one year and start another.
Speaking of a New Year…the Captain has some plans. And we will share them with you soon. Hope the entire Poop Deck Community had a safe and happy celebration. For now, Captain out.
P.S. We are now #10 on the top 50 Daddy Blog list. You can still vote here. Thanks for the support and the time.

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